Episode 2: The Tools We Use

That’s a wrap for Episode 2 of WP Dev Table! During this episode Jason and I talk about some of the main tools that we use in our workflow every day. Those tools include IDEs, project management software, virtual machines and time tracking, right through to CSS frameworks so you’d better tune in and have a listen!

As always we’d really love to know if any of you use the tools we use…or better yet, do you have other tools under your belt that you use on a daily basis that Jason and I don’t know about yet? Please leave a comment below if that’s the case. We’d love to learn something new from you!

We’re also more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the tools we mentioned during the show! After all, we use these tools every day and often take that for granted so if you’re confused by something or we glossed over something then be sure to leave a comment!

Show Notes


Browser Tools


Dev Environment

CSS Frameworks

Favorite tools


Really enjoying these episodes guys, keep it up. I work in a team of one (me!) so it’s nice to hear some ideas and views bouncing between the two of you. Toggl and Capsule are good finds for me so thanks for bringing them both up.

I use mostly everything you’ve outlined however I use Antigen on top of zsh and no mention of Vim 😮

Looking forward to the next one, particularly hearing about Chassis.

    Hey Dave,

    I’m really glad to hear that you’re enjoying them so far and thanks so much for leaving the first comment :)

    Toggl has been great for time tracking for both of us. I only just realised that I didn’t leave a link to the Toggle extension for Chrome that Jason mentioned and I’ve been using it all day today so if you’re keen to use it too then get your hands on Toggl Button :)

    I think Jason will be super keen to have a play with Antigen! I can’t believe we forgot about vim as well! Good point :)

    I’m glad you’re excited about the next episode too. Chassis is pretty exciting for Ryan and I. Ryan created an awesome new branch last night that I’m due to test soon too. After we have our hack day on Chassis we should have a very solid and simple alternative to Varying Vagrant Vagrants so next months episode should be very fun! :)

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the feedback!
    I’ve tried Antigen for zsh in the past. I use oh-my-zsh to manage my zsh. Antigen is cool though and definitely does a nice job. The name also lends itself to Pathogen which is another plugin manager for vi/vim.

    I “grew” up on vi when I was in college. I still use it all over the place. In fact, MacVim was my editor of choice for a good 2 years. I switched to Sublime Text mainly for the themes and some of the plugins I use to be more productive. I tend to get bored with the way things look and every 6 months or so, I like to change the look and feel of my dev workspace and ST makes that easy to do with people coming out with new themes all the time. Sure, that’s not really the best reason for choosing an editor, but gotta keep the flow of work going, right?

Awesome shows guys have watched all of them and love the insight. Cannot wait for new ones.
Bronson you mentioned I think in this show or could have been in the 3rd show that some smaller clients are still on shared hosting. Do you recommend any company for shared hosting in Australia and United States as I am finding it challenging to find a reliable company for my clients and they are not at the requirement for for wpengine.

    Hey Arthur! I’m glad you’re enjoying the insight from the shows :) I know we’re behind on recording the latest episode but that’s completely my fault and not Jasons! #bronsonsucks

    In terms of my hosting recommendations for “smaller clients”, I definitely recommend Alan and his team from http://wphosting.com.au/ for Aussie clients. For US clients I’d recommend Dreamhost because they have a few peeps who contribute to WP core development!

      Thanks Bronson, legendary advice and cannot wait for the next episode :)

        Do you not think using dreamhost could be an issue as they are now owned by EIG. A a lot of web hosting companies they own have degraded with overloading the servers ?

          Hey Arthur,

          That’s an interesting question! Rather than me speculating it’d probably be better off if you ask one of the two awesome Dreamhost staff who are Dreamhosts WordPress gurus (and core contributors). Shoot a tweet to either Mike or Mika and find out directly from them :)

Thanks Bronson will do, enjoy the rest of your day

Thanks for finally talking about > Episode 2: The Tools
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