Episode 1: Version Control

What a great first show!  Finally got the timezones all squared away between NYC and Brisbane.  Today Bronson and I just had a quick chat about Version Control.  We ran into some stumbling blocks which we’ve discussed how we got around them and address them moving forward in our day-to-day.  We discuss some great tips and how we use Git within our WordPress development workflow.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this 50 min chat and can help us out with some ways that you are using version control within your daily process.  Be kind, this is the first one and we promise that we’ll get better as we move along.  Practice makes perfect, right?  We’d appreciate any feedback you have even if it’s not about the topic, but about how we sound, what you would like to see, anything at all.

Two questions that I think we posed out to the community were:  1. How can us command line junkies make sure we pull the latest before we try and push our changes?  2.  How you bottle up an inherited project?  Core?  Just a theme?

Show Notes

WordPress Core Official Git mirrors: http://make.wordpress.org/core/2014/01/15/git-mirrors-for-wordpress/



Git branching method – Git Flow

Sublime Text plugin – Git Gutter


git add -p – Patch mode to pick and choose which bits you want as a part of your commit
git commit -m --amend – Edit you last commit message
git diff-tree --no-commit-id --name-only -r [SHA] – See what files were affected in a specific commit


Git Immersion

Think Like a Git

Hello world!

How fitting of a name for the title of the first post of a development focused show, right?

Welcome to WP Dev Table!


I’d like to quickly introduce myself and my co-host. I’m Jason Resnick, many know me as rezzz. I’m a web developer, and have been for well over a decade. I’ve always loved working in the open source community. A couple of years ago I focused all my energy to WordPress development. I have an affinity for learning and implementing best practices and new technologies.

My co-host is Bronson Quick. He’s from Australia and doesn’t like to wear pants, according to his website.  He’s a great WordPress developer and loves to give back to the community.  He has created some free themes and plugins.  Many people have seen him at WordCamp Melbourne and his talk on My WordPress Development Workflow.

( There’s definitely more to us, but we’ll let you find out that on your own 😉 )


In fact that’s how we connected.  I saw his talk and then reached out to him.  Over the course of the next few months we thought that we’d put this show together.  We thought that there’s some really awesome shows out there surrounding WordPress already, but WP Dev Table can bring another element to the masses.  That’s the development of WordPress, whether for individuals, small businesses, or even corporations.  In building blogs, full websites, ecommerce, or applications.

We want to give back by telling our stories and experiences in the course of developing inside of  WordPress.  We will also bring to the table other developers from all walks of life.  We will try and stick to a specific topic for each episode.  Most of all, we want your interaction as well, so stay tuned for how you can be involved as well.

Stay tuned for our first episode on Version Control…