Episode 12: WordCamps and the API with Julien Melissas

Show Takeaways

WordCamps, APIs, and Beer – what more can a developer ask for in a show

“Excited for all the newcomers due to the growth of the API”

Today we had the pleasure of hanging out with Julien Melissas from Craftpeak and one of the organizers of WordCamp Asheville.

Show Notes

  • Big growth within the community
  • Julien’s favorite session was being a part of a dev panel talking about the WP API
  • Having so many choices in which tool you are using, makes for interesting conversations, but also makes for new people to join in that may have not done so in the past
WP API and Fields API
  • Julien likes using Ember with the API but identifies some pain points
  • Sometimes it’s best to just choose what fits best with the project and then move forward
  • Hopefully the Fields API will take a look at CMB for some aspects that work nicely
Get In Touch With Julien

You can find Julien on Twitter and on his website.


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