Episode 10: Are all developers grumpy with Mike Kelly

Show Takeaways

Get your developer into the conversations about the project as early as possible.

“We are all working together for a successful and beautiful project”

Collaboration is key

Today we are excited to hangout with the very entertaining and passionate Mike Kelly.  Mike works as a consultant for his clients, bridging the gap between developers and designers.  He’s also the man behind The Grumpy Developer Podcast in which he brings on designers, developers, and project managers who share their journey, experiences and knowledge.

Mike is a very passionate guy as you can see in today’s show. We are lucky to have him on as this is his very first show where he’s the one in the hot seat.

Show Notes

Working with Developers
  • Bridging the gap between design and development can be avoided by communication early on in the project.
  • Being able to speak to designers and business folks as a developer is critical to understanding the thoughts and goals behind the designs.
  • Developers are not all grumpy people eating cheetos!
  • We all want to work on beautiful projects; we are all on the same team.
The Grumpy Developer Podcast
  • Mike’s target is to broadcast every weekday. Already shifted gears with the format, but the goal is to remain a 5-day a week show.
  • Ask for help! The show takes a tremendous amount of work and there’s no reason to not bring on others to manage parts of the show.
  • The goal is to share experiences of the web as it grows with a wide audience. As the web grows, everything seems to come together and cross paths.
Web Professionals Guild
  • A collaborative effort of professionals to communicate and share their expertise with each other.
  • A beta will be released in August.
Get In Touch With Jeremy

You can find Mike on TwitterPodcast or you can contact him through his website.

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