Episode 6: Automating Your WordPress Deployments with Ben May

Show Takeaways!

You thought wearing the pink sombrero for cowboy coding is bad.

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Today’s topic is about deploying your WordPress website.  This is a topic that’s touched up greatly in meetups and WordCamps.  There are many reasons for all this talk.  That’s because when something goes wrong on your production site, what happens next and how fast does it happen is critical.  Bronson and I chat with Ben on his deployment processes and how he solves this issue to ensure that his clients have a robust, secure, and most importantly fully working live website.

Show Notes

  • Ben is the owner of Alyte Creative out of Queensland, Australia.
  • Ben is one of Australia’s best when it comes to hosting high traffic WordPress sites on Amazon Web Services.


  • “If you are cowboy coding, you are playing with fire and you are out by yourself”
  • Check Filezilla and why you should switch off using it.


  • Old reliable *nix tool, much like vi, for moving files around.


  • Best option available so far.
  • The handling of upgrading plugins on deployment.
  • Easy to write custom scripts using Ruby

Database Migrations

  • Laravel & Rails have Database Migrations, what about WordPress
  • Ben talks about some tools to handle database  migrations – Blog Post

Deployment SaaS tools

If you are outside of the US, Beanstalk has put out a Git CDN service.  Ben has seen a significant speed increase in his pull and push requests.

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