Episode 15: Heads Down

Show Takeaways

Take a look at Bourbon and Neat instead of Foundation or Bootstrap for more control over complex grids

Bronson shared about how to use Node for manipulating Posts and Meta

Everyone working with WordPress can offer up and help WordPress and the community

On this episode we hangout and chat about what we’ve been up to lately on the heels of WordCamp NYC where Tom and I spoke and Tom helped with organizing it and running Contributor Day and Bronson has travelled the world working on client sites.

Show Notes

  • Jason talks about why he shut WP Field Guides down and opening it up for the community.
  • Jason runs his own mini-marathon prior to speaking at WCNYC.
  • Bronson talked about an interesting Joomla migration into Site Origin Page Builder widgets.
  • Tom shares his experience organizing WCNYC and speaking there.
  • Tom has been working with Underscore and Mustache.
  • We chat about Continuous Integration and the various tools like Travis, Deploybot, and Jenkins and how we all are using them in various capacities.
  • Gulp vs Grunt
  • Should BDD and/or Integration Tests be more of a practice within WordPress with things like Codeception?
  • Jason has done some branding and got stickers as well….if you want one, just ask.
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