Episode 19: JavaScript for WordPress Master Course with Zac Gordon

Show Takeaways

You should sign up for Zac’s JavaScript for WP course!

Zac’s course will help you deeply learn JavaScript In WordPress. His course will cover JavaScript methods and principles that apply to all types of JavaScript rather than specific JS frameworks.

The course will teach you how to develop a JavaScript application using WordPress, the REST API and JavaScript.

Mentors are fabulous to help you make decisions when you’re writing an online course.

Show Notes

  • Zac tells us how he first started using WordPress.
  • We learn how long it used to take Zac to create, record and edit WordPress tutorials for Team Treehouse.
  • 2016 is “The Year of The WordPress” course.
  • We touch on a few LMS plugins.
  • We chat about different JavaScript frameworks that Zac has used and the differences between them.
  • We ask Zac when he first started using the REST API.
  • Zac shares how choosing the best user authentication for the REST API is a difficult task.
  • We chat about WordPress themes powered by the REST API and PHP fallbacks.
  • Zac shares how important his WordPress mentors have been for helping make decisions with his course.
  • What can a WordPress PHP dev expect to take away from Zac’s course?
  • Tom pops in for some rapid-fire questions.
Get In Touch With Zac

You can find Zac on Twitter and you can sign up for Zac’s JavaScript for WordPress course.

Episode 18: Advanced WordPress Development with Tim Nash

Show Takeaways

Integration testing can be fun!

WP-API Course came about because there was nothing at the time, and Tim need to feed his family.

All 3 talk what it’s like as ManageWP moderators

Tim, the organizer of WordPress Leeds, the oldest WordPress user group in the UK, joins Tom and Jason to chat all things WordPress, the API, and WordPress hosting.  Tim is the WordPress Platform Lead and Developer Advocate at 34SP.com as well as author of the WP-API Online Course.

Show Notes

  • Tim boosts that WordPress Leeds is the oldest WordPress group in the UK.  Beating out London by one week.
  • Tim has been working with the JSON API for close to 6 years.
  • Testing and “enterprise-y” sort of development has intrigued Tim for quite some time. As a result feels that these sorts of topics should be spoken about and learned by all developers.
  • Codeception allows for human readable tests that can be written by anyone.
  • We chatted about how jobs and life gets in the way of the greater good.
  • WP-CFM manage and deploy WordPress configurations.
  • Responsibility of a host vs customer in regards to their websites.
Get In Touch With Tim

You can find Tim on Twitter and on his website.