Episode 17: WordPress API, Course and Book with Josh Pollock

Show Takeaways

Caldera Forms makes designing responsive forms in WordPress easy especially when it comes to forms with split columns.

You should buy all the courses on the WordPress REST API!!!

Everyone has their own preferred JavaScript framework. Josh ❤️’s Angular JS!

Use Ingot for your WordPress A/B & multivariate testing.

In today’s episode we geek out with Josh Pollock about all kinds of WordPress goodness. You’ve probably seen Josh on loads of WordPress sites as he’s a developer of Caldera Forms, Ingot, he’s written a book on the WordPress REST API and he’s also releasing a WordPress REST API course!

Show Notes

  • Josh tells us how he stumbled across WordPress.
  • Josh tells us about how he started contributing to Caldera Forms.
  • We learn how Caldera Forms is different from the other WordPress form builder plugins.
  • Josh tells us about Ingot. A new WordPress A/B testing plugin that uses the WordPress REST API and Angular JS.
  • We chat about the WordPress API infrastructure getting into core and the impact this has on plugins and projects.
  • Josh tells us about his WordPress REST API course that’s being released soon. Sign up now and save $25!
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You can find Josh on Twitter and on his website.

Episode 16: Jason and Tom talking Snapchat, Selfie Sticks, and Raspberry Pi

Show Takeaways

Start the 3:40 mark where Tom and I discuss 2016 goals as there was some technical difficulties

Tom and Jason enjoy the social interaction maybe even more so than the sessions at conferences

Jason is looking at Snapchat as a source of engagement for other freelancers

Tom is looking for a potential opportunity in building a Raspberry Pi device to help people

On this episode Tom and Jason hang out because we had some major fails. Technical issues, video and audio quality, and some general rust that we need to shake off. Our intention is to have a series of guests to come on board to help us see the landscape of Javascript and WordPress. Scott Bolinger was supposed to be our first guest, however there were some difficulties and he dropped off the show. Tom and Jason took the ball and went off on a tangent of a few different things such as Raspberry Pi, Snapchat, selfie sticks, and other items that are linked up below.

Show Notes

  • Tom and Jason talk about how they don’t really set yearly resolutions, but set out the year with some general goals in mind.
  • Scott has some technical difficulties and pulls his chair away from the table at around 16:15 mark.
  • WP Dev Table’s schedule of guest – Josh Pollock, Tim Nash, and Zac Gordon all talking about WordPress, Javascript, and some other fun things.
  • Are we going to attend WooConf, Pressnomics? Which WordCamps we plan on attending?
  • Engaging and meeting people at conferences that you work with virtually.
  • Tom bought a selfie stick for himself. And a laptop battery that seems really cool.
  • Jason has started using Snapchat for telling the story of his business, showing behind the scenes of his work day, and giving valuable tips and tricks for freelancers to shape their business. Follow him on Snapchat: jasonresnick
  • Tom has been thinking about getting into the hardware space with Raspberry Pi to help folks with disabilities know what phone calls need to be made and have been made. Anyone know if there’s a product like this out there? Please let us know.
  • Mod an Aeropress to help the action of pushing it down.
  • Amazon Echo and automating Todos.
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