Episode 5: Creating and Maintaining a Commercial WordPress Plugin with Brent Shepherd

Show Notes

  • Brent’s the founder of Prospress the second WooCommerce based business. SkyVerge were the first.
  • His first commercial theme was a parallax WordPress theme called Five3.
  • Brent has quite a few plugins in the WordPress repository.  Multisite User Management and Map Cap were two of the ones he mentioned during the show.
  • The first commercial WooCommerce plugin by Brent was PayPal Digital Goods gateway.
  • Brent is most famous for WooCommerce Subscriptions.
  • “Bolt” is a plugin that is currently in development with Brent and Jason Conroy which aims to allow WordPress plugin developers to sell premium support for their plugins from the users own WordPress dashboard. Bolt sends the developer details about the WordPress install and hosting environment as well as processing a transaction for the sale of the plugin developers time for support.
  • During the developent of WooCommerce Subscriptions Brent and his team have coded a new way to trigger scheduled events instead of using WP-Cron as they needed more robust and reliable solution for time based recurring events and transactions. Brent’s excited about the future of the WP-API.
  • You can get in contact with Brent Shepherd on Twitter and follow Prospress on Twitter too!