Episode 4: WordPress Plugin Development with Tom McFarlin

Show 4 was a great one, talking WordPress Plugin development with Tom McFarlin of Pressware

Tom gave some great insights his daily workflow with WordPress Plugin Development and the open source process with the Plugin Boilerplate and the commercial theme development on Mayer and some others in the works.

Show Notes

Tom’s links:

Most are above, but check out devpractic.es as it’s a great tumblr blog about the daily goings-on of a developer in animated gif form.

WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

  • Originated as a starting point for a consistent basis to do plugin development

  • Roadmap for the next version includes some usage guides and some other great nuggets for us developers

Working with other Developers, Designers, and Clients

  • “Open Source doesn’t mean that there can’t be a vision for the project”

  • Learn from other developers that spark a conversation of education.

  • Meet and connect with some great minds like Andy Fragen (surgeon by day, GitHub Updater by night)

  • Clients do know about WordPress

Bonus Material!

  • Tom announces “The Scoop” about the roadmap for WordPress Boilerplate Plugin
  • We share what tools we cannot live without.
  • Matt Medeiros of The Matt Report gets some shots across his bow.