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Episode 2: The Tools We Use

That’s a wrap for Episode 2 of WP Dev Table! During this episode Jason and I talk about some of the main tools that we use in our workflow every day. Those tools include IDEs, project management software, virtual machines and time tracking, right through to CSS frameworks so you’d better tune in and have a listen!

As always we’d really love to know if any of you use the tools we use…or better yet, do you have other tools under your belt that you use on a daily basis that Jason and I don’t know about yet? Please leave a comment below if that’s the case. We’d love to learn something new from you!

We’re also more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the tools we mentioned during the show! After all, we use these tools every day and often take that for granted so if you’re confused by something or we glossed over something then be sure to leave a comment!

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